Nico is a fabulous yoga teacher. She makes me feel comfortable and welcome from the first minute in class. With her well-founded knowledge of yoga she let me dig deeper in the holistic experience of yoga, the connection of body and mind. Every class had a different focus and fed me with new understanding. Plus, the classes are still demanding and improve physical strength.
The retreat with Nico was a total win for me. First of all, I was able to practice yoga daily and found my way back to a daily practice. I was able to focus on my own practice and needs and was able to spend more time with Nico - an amazing yoga teacher and delightful person who truly found her calling in teaching yoga and everything connected to the practice. Good talks, good people, good food, good vibes only!
— Anna, Berlin

When Nico teaches a class she really makes you get in touch with yourself. She wants you to become present and not just perform asanas. Plus, she is just so cute and lets you leave class with such a beautiful feeling.
— Emily, UK

Nico really does an amazing job. What I find really important: I feel like I’m in very good and knowledgeable hands with her.
— Andre, Germany

I love Nico’s classes. They’re brilliant. We all love them. We call her “our little angel”, cause she just has that sweet, calm aura about her, and we’d simply love to take her home with us, because we always feel so good after her session. I’ve been trying to write down what she says during and after class, those little things like “open you beautiful heart”, “thank yourself”, or “love yourself” - it makes me feel so much better, because we never give that to ourselves, really. Just being in Nico’s presence makes me feel calmer.
— Amy, London

I really like Nico’s energy, and how he comes into class - always smiley and happy and positive.
— Nick, Canada

I’ve just had the best yoga session of my life
— Flo, Berlin